APAA Policies and Procedures



Admission to APAA Dance and Theater is by audition.  Auditions may be held in person, by video, or in class.  

Students will be notified of their acceptance to the Dance and/or Theater Tracks.  If students wish to add or move to a new Track, an additional audition may be required.


Class Placement 

Placement in programs is not based solely on age.  APAA's Director and Faculty evaluate students on their performance in class and on stage as well as their technique and maturity. 



Deposits are required to reserve a spot in a class.  Deposits are non-refundable unless APAA can fill the vacated spot.  This policy is subject to change once COVID ends.

Full payment is due prior to the beginning of the respective registration period. Students may be denied access in the case of non-payment.  

Alternative payment options may be requested and considered prior to registration.



Tuition is non-refundable as described above.  Students may request a transfer to another class or credit toward a future session (within 12 months).

If a student must withdraw from a semester due to illness or injury, their prorated tuition will be applied to another session (within 12 months).




Consistent attendance is important for improving strength and skills required for progress, as well as preparation for performances. 

AXCBT Core and Academy on Stage students are required to make up any missed class.  Makeup classes must be scheduled for another approved class during the current session.  Scheduling is done by contacting Diana Grover at dcgrover@comcast.net.

Students must be on time for all classes. If a student will not be in class or will be tardy, the Parent or Student will notify an APAA staff member prior to class.  Students who will be more than 10 minutes late to class will be considered to miss class and should schedule a make up.


Drop Off and Pick Up

Students age 12 years and older may arrive and leave unescorted.  Parents who do not wish their children to arrive and leave unescorted must submit their request in writing to Elyse Rosati at elyserosati@axelrodartscenter.org.

Students in our Primary program must be dropped off and picked up at our studio space in BellWorks by their parents or responsible guardian.    

Parents are welcome to explore BellWorks while students are in class or wait in the Atrium.  Parents are not permitted in our studio space.


Virtual Attendance

If a student is unable to attend class or live classes are not permitted due to COVID or adverse weather conditions, students will be required to attend classes virtually.





Casting for our performances will be done by APAA Faculty.  This will occur during the first weeks of APAA classes. 

Decisions on casting come about in a consultation with Faculty and directing team members.  APAA strives to ensure that casting decisions are as fair and balanced as possible to provide students with the best opportunities to grow and display their unique and emerging skills.   

Students in the AXCBT Core Program and Academy on Stage Program, who have committed to explore their art form in depth by taking all three weekly core classes offered in their discipline, will have the opportunity to enjoy prominent and challenging roles in our productions.   We expect significant and accelerated learning and growth for these students.  AXCBT Core Junior and Academy on Stage Junior students will be cast in roles appropriate to their age and ability.  Students taking individual classes will be cast in ensemble and supporting roles.

This is a challenging program; performance opportunities are assigned to the students best suited, as determined by the whole directing team.  



Students will be permitted two excused rehearsal absences.  Students are asked to present any rehearsal or show conflicts upon registering.

Students must be on time for all rehearsals and performances. Schedule reminders and updates for rehearsals and shows will be emailed at various times throughout the process. 

Any unexcused missed rehearsal or show may result in dismissal from APAA. 

Students must have an 80% attendance rate for classes to participate in any APAA show.  

Students (ages 12+) will be responsible to record any show rehearsal choreography to practice at home. If absent, it is their responsibility to obtain the recording from another student. 



COVID Protocol

Students in any of the following categories may NOT participate in LIVE APAA classes.

  • Diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Under orders to quarantine related to COVID-19, including travel restrictions.

  • Showing any symptoms related to 


  • Fever of 100 degrees or greater

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Vomiting or diarrhea

  • Chills

  • Living in the same household as a person with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection or showing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

  • Having exposure to a person with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection or showing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

  • Having underlying health conditions that put them at high risk as defined by the CDC.

  • Living in the same household with someone who is high risk as defined by the CDC.


COVID Studio Protocol

Students must sanitize their hands as they enter the studio and leave the studio and on breaks.

Students will be required to wear a mask and maintain safe, social distancing amongst themselves always.

Students must wipe down their chair at the end of class with a sanitizing wipe.



Students who have been exposed to a person with a positive COVID test result must attend classes virtually for 10 days.  Students with a negative COVID test result may return in 7 days.

Students who have traveled out of state and are required to quarantine by the State of NJ must attend classes virtually for the period of their quarantine.

Students who have attended large gatherings (Sweet 16s, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, etc.) are asked to attend classes virtually for 7 days after the event.



Care of Facility

Students are to place their belongings in their own “cubby”.  Students may not place belongings in the faculty seating area.

Students may bring water into the studio.  No other beverages or food is allowed.  

At the end of class students must take all their belongings with them, straighten their cubby area, and throw out any garbage.


All announcements and updates on classes and performances will be communicated via email.

Should a parent need to be contacted regarding a schedule change within 6 hours of class start time, they will be contacted via phone or text by an APAA staff member.  

Should a schedule change occur during class or rehearsal, students 12 and older will be directed to contact their parents under the supervision of an APAA staff member.  Parents who wish to be contacted by an APAA staff member, instead of their child, must submit their request in writing to Elyse Rosati at elyserosati@axelrodartscenter.org.



APAA is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for all our students and will not tolerate bullying in any form; physical, emotional, social, or otherwise. As such, we have a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy. Any documented bullying event will have repercussions which may include immediate termination of participation.

APAA defines bullying as any behavior, physical, verbal, written (either electronically or in person), that detrimentally targets any student, faculty, or staff member or targets them for any actual or perceived characteristic, or creates a hostile environment in the studio. 

Any instances of perceived bullying should be reported to Elise Feldman at efeldman@axelrodartscenter.org, President of AXCBT and APAA.  

These policies may be added to or edited from time to time. Regular and continual communication on these policies will be sent to parents, as well as to students, faculty, and staff, as appropriate. 

Should a student or parent have a question or wish to have a discussion on these policies, they may make mention to their teacher, or contact a staff person.  Final decisions will be made by the APAA Director or President. 

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