Participate in "The Bard at BellWorks"!

The “Bard at BellWorks” will be in April 2021 with unique comparative performances from these plays as well as a reprise of the AXCBT Ballet “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and the dramatic production of “The Tempest”.

Shakespeare's plays and poetry are a constant source for inspiration in the performing arts – from film scores to Broadway shows, ballet  and classical masterpieces – our spring festival will honor Shakespeare's extraordinary canon while presenting excerpts from plays, ballets, and musicals which have been inspired by those works.


Theater students will dive into scenes, songs, and choreography from such pieces as Kiss Me, Kate, West Side Story, and Something Rotten! led by actors and directors from major productions of each show.  Students will explore Shakespeare's prose, the oft-underlooked and understudied side of Shakespeare's poetry and work monologues and scenes from his canon.

Dancers will be able to showcase their talents and growth by performing alongside professional dancers in the ballet theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, choreographed and directed by AXCBT and APPA Director, Gabriel Chajnik, as well as in excerpts from West Side Story.


Saturday April 11

Friday April 16

Saturday April 17

Sunday April 18

Friday April 23

Saturday April 24

Sunday April 25


Sundays, January 17 - March 21 12PM -2PM

Saturdays, March 13, March 20 6:30PM-8:30PM 


Saturdays, January 16 - March 20 6:30PM - 8:30PM


Friday April 9 and Saturday April 10

Students will be permitted two excused rehearsal absences.  Students will be asked to present any rehearsal or show conflicts upon registering.
Students must maintain an 80% attendance rate in classes in order to participate in the show.

Casting for our performances will be done by APAA Faculty during the first week of APAA classes. 

Assigning roles is never one person’s opinion! We consult a variety of directing team members to make sure our casting decisions are as fair and balanced as possible and provide students with the best opportunities to grow and display their unique and emerging skills. 

Students in the AXCBT Core Program and Academy on Stage Program, who have committed to explore their art form in great depth by taking all three weekly core classes offered in their discipline, will have the opportunity to enjoy prominent and challenging roles in our productions as we expect significant and accelerated learning and growth for these students.  AXCBT Core Junior and Academy on Stage Junior students will be cast in roles appropriate to their age and ability.  Students taking individual classes will be cast in ensemble and supporting roles.

This is a competitive program, and the performance opportunities are given to the students that are best suited, as determined by the whole directing team. 

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